Project 52 – Week 2

This weeks assignment was pretty difficult for me…

Assignment #2:

Photograph a Stranger.


  • The person should be unknown to you.
  • It can be a street portrait, studio portrait or environmental portrait.
  • The portrait should be simply lit.
  • Tell us a little bit about the person – through the image and the caption.
  • Tell us how you approached and worked with the subject(s) for the project.

Candace and I went downtown Portland today to capture my “stranger” portrait. I didn’t think it would be as difficult as it was. I had no problem going up to folks and asking them if I could take their portrait for my photography project, but I didn’t expect to get turned down from so many people! I guess I had a vision of the photo I wanted to take in my head. I was planning to take a photo of a homeless man or woman and find out a little about their story, why they are where they are and get to know them a little. To my surprise many of the homeless folks I talked to wanted nothing to do with a camera. So, I came upon Carlos standing at a bus stop downtown. I asked him if I could take his portrait for my project and he said “sure”. This is what I got….

Assignment 2

Mr. Carlos

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